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Welcome to The Garden Asia Resort. By continuing to use our website you are agreeing to accept and be bound by our terms and conditions set forth herein. The terms and conditions along with our privacy policy outline our relation with you with regard to the use of this website. However if you do not wish to accept, agree to or otherwise be bound by these terms and conditions please refrain from using this website or any of the Services provided therein. The terms “You”, “Your”, “the Client”, “User” refers to you or any such other person using the Services of the Company. The terms “the Company”, “Us”, “We”, “Ourselves” refer to the company, namely The Garden Asia Resort, its owners, Directors and such other persons. The terms “Party”, “Parties” or “Us” collectively refers to the users of this website along with The Garden Asia Resort.


So as to enhance your browsing experience we require you to submit certain information with us. This is required to improve on the services we offer to you. 1. Information is collected by us in two simple ways: Information provided by you: This includes all information given to us directly by you including the basic information provided by you such as name, address contact number and other personal information. This is the basic information required by us so as to register you for our services. Information from our servers: Certain information is collected by our servers when you visit our site or when you avail the services featured therein. These include: Information that is specific to your device such as its hardware, model, version, operating system. Information that is collected in server logs which includes IP address, URL requested, browser type services opted for and cookies. The IP addresses collected are not linked to any information that could disclose your identity 2. Other information collected by us includes: Cookies: We make use of cookies to enable us to gather information with regard to your visits to our site. These cookies are gathered for the better functionality of our website as well as for easier use on your behalf. Payment Information:Information regarding your payment methods and card details are stored by us so as to make future transactions easier. This information is not shared with any other person and tested security measures are employed to keep it safe.


The information collected by us is used for the sole purpose of improving and maintaining the services provided to you and to develop new services best suited for you. Our main goal as a service provider is to give you the best experience possible. Information may be collected for registration and verification of your identity and age. All information is used on a need to know basis, unless the circumstances so warrant none of your information will be accessed. All employees require authorisation before they can make use of your information. So there is no need for you to worry that we will make unauthorised use of your information. Your information is also required to be saved for any future references. In case a need arises for your information, we don’t have to trouble you all over again so it is kept in our secure archives. This information you provide us with will enable us to send you timely communications with regard to our services, newsletters and customer feedback. This will help you stay up to date with all our new services and any updates on existing services. Payment information will also be saved and used to collect certain payments for usage of our services from time to time. Along with this integrated services information and other information required by certain sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter may also be used and shared for a better browsing experience. Cookies may also be used by us to make it convenient for you to resume your previous activity and to track your activity for providing customized reviews of your usage.


All our information policies and methods are quite transparent. We keep it so to ensure your continued trust in us. You are free to check and go through all your information stored with us and if there are any changes required all you need to do is let us know and we’ll update them for you. You are also free to edit this data yourself at any time should you choose to. Complete control with regard to your information is in your hands and any data that you want to be removed can be done so. Provided that such removal can be done through normal means and does not interfere with any of our fixed processes.


The Company does not sell, trade, rent or divulge the Users’ personal identification information to others. The Company, however, may share generic aggregated demographic information not linked to any personal identification information regarding visitors and users with its business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers for the purposes outlined above. We do not give out any of your information other than in the following circumstances: With your consent:Any information that is to be shared shall be done so only after obtaining your consent. We will inform you of the need for such disclosure and the final decision is left in your hands. Government or Legal requirement:Any information that the Government requires us to disclose will have to be done so, but this too only after ensuring the genuineness or the need for the same. If there is any legal requirement placed on us by any Court of competent jurisdiction then this too will have to be complied with. To service provider or vendors: A need may arise for us to disclose certain information with our trusted service providers and/or vendors. If so, relevant information shall be disclosed on a need to know basis. This is primarily to ensure a better experience for you. The availability of Services being offered may vary from time to time and users must confirm the availability of the Services opted by them.


All information provided by you is available for examination by you. You are free to change and remove any information given so as to give more accurate details. Once such changes or modifications have been made we will make such updates on our servers and back up files. Cookies:You may delete or change cookies from our website by accessing the settings menu on your browser. However deleting cookies may disable certain functions of our website thereby impairing your browsing experience and we shall not be responsible for the same. Temporary files: You may delete temporary files placed on your computer during the course of buffering or streaming of content from the ‘temporary internet files’ section of your system.


The information security standards used by us are state of the art and strict measures are undertaken to prevent any breach, theft or loss of information. All payment and location information are kept secure using up to date data protection services. These security measures are updated on a regular basis to meet commercial and industrial standards. However it is important that you keep in mind the fact that no security measures are completely foolproof and hence we cannot provide any guarantees in this regard. Additionally we request you to use strong passwords wherever required and refrain from sharing information with any third party websites or applications that may not be secure and refrain from sharing information with any links or advertisements displayed on our website without first reading their privacy policy.


The Company reserves the right to make any changes to this privacy policy without giving any prior notice. Once such a change has been made the same shall be uploaded on the website and shall be considered as the applicable Privacy Policy from the date of such upload. It shall be your responsibility to check the updated policy. The Company shall not be liable for your ignorance or lack of knowledge of the updated policy.

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