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The Services listed on this website are subject to availability. These Services are being offered only in Bengaluru and are advertised for within the territory of Bengaluru. It shall be your duty in determining the purpose and availability of the Services being offered on this site. The Company does not warrant that the Services being offered by it are completely error free or shall be continuous and uninterrupted. The availability of Services being offered may vary from time to time and users must confirm the availability of the Services opted by them.


All Services offered on this website are for lawful purposes only. Any use of these Services for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise inconsistent with any law for the time being in force is strictly prohibited Uploading or making public any content that infringes upon any other persons Intellectual Property or discloses any trade secret or violates the confidentiality of any person is strictly prohibited. Posting of any content that is considered harmful, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous, fraudulent, abusive or otherwise threatening including but not limited to any content that could give rise to criminal liability or civil liability is prohibited. You are expressly prohibited from changing any of the content of the website including but not limited to any changes that would alter the website or the functioning of the website other than from the way it was originally intended to function. Compiling, using or distributing of any information that belongs to any other person or user is strictly prohibited. Along with this users shall restrain from using the accounts of other users of this website. Creating or uploading any viruses, malwares, worms, Trojans or any other coding that materially disrupts or attempts to disrupt the ordinary functioning of this website is prohibited. Users of this website or its Services are prohibited from posting any content other than in those forums where users are allowed to post. Making use of this website as a means of marketing for any other products or Services, or for sending unsolicited marketing communications is strictly prohibited.


All information provided by you shall be treated as confidential information. The information provided by you shall not be shared with any other person unless express consent is obtained from you first. All information shared after obtaining your consent shall be done so only on a need to know basis. Certain personal information obtained from you shall be shared among our Service providers so as to enhance your experience. Any and all communications sent to your personal E-mail id shall only be with relation to our Services and updates.


We accept all major Credit/Debit cards, personal cheque and cash as a means of payment for any Service availed. Services shall be rendered only after all necessary payments have been completed. All Services must be paid for within two days of selection In the eventuality of non-payment of any amounts due we reserve the right to take necessary legal action. Provided that such amount has not been paid within two days from selection of such Service.


In case of cancellation of any Service provided by us a notice of two days must be given prior to such cancellation. No refund shall be made in the event of cancellation of any Service that has been paid for or has already begun. Both the users and we have the right to terminate any Service being provided by giving a notice of two days. Any payments made for a Service which has been unused shall be refunded upon cancellation of the same.


Users of the site are not allowed to create links to any pages of this website without obtaining prior approval. Linking to any page of this site could further extend but not limited to termination of account, blocking of such users or initiation of legal action against such user. Any links made from this website to other websites shall be deemed to have been done so without the knowledge and consent of the company. All opinions and ideas expressed on such other sites to which this website has been linked are not those shared by the Company and shall be deemed to be the sole opinion of the person creating such link. Users must personally evaluate the risk present when following such links posted by others. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages caused due to such external links that are not endorsed by us.


The Company in its capacity reserves the right to make changes on these terms from time to time as and when such need arises. All changes made to these terms shall be shown on the Company’s homepage. Any changes made to the privacy policy or with relation to any personal information shall be notified to the users by way of E-mail. It is recommended that users take an initiative to frequently track the changes made to these terms. A notice period of ____ days shall be given before such changes are enforced.


The Company shall make frequent communications with all users notifying them of the Services being provided, change in any existing Services and introduction of any new Services. All communication sent by us shall be with regard to our business and there shall be no spam or unwanted communications. The contact details of our users shall not be revealed to any person.


All content published on the website are the sole Intellectual Property of the Company. Use of any Intellectual Property of the Company published on the website is strictly prohibited. The Company’s logo is a registered Trademark and shall not be used without prior approval. In case of any unauthorised use of any of the Company’s Intellectual Property, then the Company reserves the right to initiate appropriate legal action against such person or persons.


In case of any loss, damages or legal claims faced by the actions of any user, then such user shall be personally liable for such loss, damages or legal claims. The user shall indemnify and clear all liabilities of the Company for any loss or damages caused by such user. In case of any loss or damage arising out of linking to the website or linking from the website by any person, then such person shall indemnify the Company for all liabilities. In case of any loss or damages caused by you to the Company due to infringement of Intellectual Property of any other party, then you shall indemnify the Company of all such losses.


In case of any loss or damages caused to the users due to the Services provided by the Company then the Company shall be liable so far as the value of such Service offered. The Company shall not be liable for any loss caused to any person due to the unauthorised linking of the Company’s website. The Company shall be liable for only those losses that are reasonably foreseeable. Any claims arising out of these terms shall be presented before the Company within ____ days from the date on which the action arose.


Failure by any party to enforce their rights under this policy shall not be construed as a waiver of their rights as provided for within this policy. Any relaxation or time given by the Company shall not be construed as the waiver of the rights of the Company. Any action or inaction by either party shall not be construed as a waiver of either party’s right to seek appropriate redressal.


Any claims or disputes arising out of the terms of this policy shall be governed by the laws of India and local laws of Bangalore. The Courts of Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims or disputes arising out of the terms of this policy.


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